Petra grew up in Sweden with artistic ambition, drawing inspiration from her great grandfather- an entrepreneur, keen painter and photographer. Being from a supportive family of doctors, she got her first commission illustrating medical journals.

Having gained skills assisting illustrators in the early 90’s, an urge to engage with art in new mediums brought her to London to study fashion at Central St Martins. She started getting commissioned by design-led publications like Elle & Vogue.

She assisted Sherald Lamden, an eye opening time bridging art, music & fashion. She realised her real passion was in art, exhibitions followed. Atelier is a showcase for Petra's art. Petra explores her work through a wide range of media- the last few years also as ceramics.

Petra has created an exclusive artwork for the packaging of Le Petit Kit of Food Styling™ representing what Beylongue & Fille is all about: candid, feminine, simple, natural with a touch of sophistication.  

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