FICTIVE FINGERS is a sister duo design studio by Hani and Aisah Dalduri that creates patterns and handprinted textile products that weave seamlessly into everyday life. 

Hani and Aisah have created exclusively for Beylongue & Fille a selection of beautiful handprinted linens inspired by our brand ethos and our love of nature. The sisters were inspired by our founder Elodie's cookbook Kitchen Stories  and more particularly by the "Acknowledgements part (in that this) chapter is a significant and probably the most human part of the book where the people that made the book possible are being recognised. We also liked the fact that rosemary resembles the pine trees found in (her) hometown".

Each textile can be used to style food, displayed in the kitchen or used as a Furoshiki, a Japanese carrier for an Earth friendlier alternative to plastic bag.